Born from the imagination of an 11 year old boy and the question... "Why cant we start our own team?" 

An avid mountain biker for over 20 years it was natural that I started my stepson on a mountain bike, and not just your run of the mill Canadian Tire bike. He needed a freeride or downhill bike so we could really take advantage of living on Vancouver Island. 

Fast forward a year and he wanted to race. So we signed up for the local races at Mt Washington Alpine Resort. Seeing some of the organized race teams came the question "How come we cant start our own team?" 

Pausing for several minutes I then  answered "I suppose we could if we wanted to bud!" With that Dnd Racing was born! Dnd representing a bit of each of us, my last name being Doan and his being D****n .  D and D or Dnd!

Why stop there? If we have a downhill race team, we need team gear, and if we have gear why not a store?

Our goal is simply to have fun on our bikes at the end of the day. Racing brings out competitiveness, but really at the end of the day its all just about enjoying time on too wheels. Being able to connect with nature, and explore this beautiful place we live!