Red Mudguards Are In Stock march 7 2023

So our Dnd Racing red logo mudguards have arrived and have been added to the store! These mudguard's were requested by many people from the social media pages.

The Mudguards we offer are as far as i can tell the most affordable around and they really accent a bike with the sharp red logo. The mudguard's are lightweight and very durable, attached simply by 4 zip ties (not included). It is just as easy to remove the mudguards if for whatever reason you decide not to run it!

We have the ability to print any design we want on the mudguards so there will be many more options to come if you decide you don't want our logo on your mudguard.

The mudguard's will fit any tire up to 2.8 inches in diameter and are excellent at shedding mud water dust ect.

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